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Press accreditation

General provisions: application

  • The accreditation is intended for journalists (either professional or amateur) working in the field of reporting, in particular sports reporting.
  • It is not permitted to use the collected material for commercial purposes without explicit permission.
  • Only applications that have been fully completed in accordance with the form provided by Badminton Vlaanderen will be considered.
  • The application for accreditation is strictly personal. It is not possible to pass on press accreditation to another person without notice.
  • Badminton Vlaanderen reserves the right to check the authenticity of the data.
  • Badminton Vlaanderen reserves the right to refuse applications if they do not comply, or to limit the number of media present.

General provisions: local regulations

  • Accredited photographers and cameramen receive a personal accreditation pass after checking their identity. This pass must be worn visibly and allows the wearer to work in the designated areas.
  • The technical facilities and services are exclusively provided for accredited persons in the context of reporting on the event.
  • The accreditation certificate will not be replaced during the event in the event of loss or theft. In the event of loss or theft, you must immediately report this to Badminton Vlaanderen.
  • The accreditation certificate is returned to Badminton Vlaanderen on completion of the reporting.

Specific provisions: Event Yonex Belgian International 2024

  • The press accreditation is only valid for the specified dates for which the applicant received confirmation from Badminton Vlaanderen.
  • During the event, the accredited person strictly follows the instructions of the organizers, employees and officials.
  • The journalist gives Badminton Vlaanderen access to the result of the reporting no later than 30 days after the event has ended. This can be: a copy of the written article, a link to an online photo report, access to the video report made.
  • Badminton Vlaanderen may further distribute the result in the context of reporting and other non-commercial objectives. The name of the author or medium will be stated for further use. Use of material outside of these provisions is always specifically requested by Badminton Vlaanderen.
  • Any form of abuse can be penalized by Badminton Vlaanderen. Badminton Vlaanderen can revoke the accreditation, deny privileges and access and refuse future accreditation applications. This list of sanctions is not exhaustive.

Accreditation request

Personal information

Please let us know when your article(s)/photo('s)/video(s) will be published.

Information event

Please let us know on wich day/days you will be present.

The following documents can be requested by Badminton Vlaanderen: press card, valid accreditation letter. You will receive a press badge at the venue.

By submitting the accreditation, you declare that you agree with the provisions drawn up by Badminton Vlaanderen.

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